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✊🏽🇵🇷 Afro-Latina

📍 Durham, North Carolina

🎓 B.S. Sociology w/ a minor in Public Health 

🎓 🎓 M.A. Communications

♒️ January Aquarius



MOOD: Motivated 💡



My ability to adapt and unwavering curiosity have served me personally and professionally. With an educational foundation in sociology and communications, my working style is rooted in empathy, flexibility, design thinking, clear communication, and style.


I find creative inspiration from anything and everything on the internet and people: popular culture, history, music, sports, social psychology, and pretty much everything in between.


I help brands establish social media and communications strategies to create a center of excellence for storytelling and build engaged and profitable communities on social media.


At my best, I anticipate the end-users needs to ideate and deliver scalable, exciting, and flexible solutions to enable long-term engaged and profitable social communities using strategy and data.

I'm open to work, networking, and collaborative opportunities. Feel free to contact me via email or on LinkedIn to connect!


If a man does not have sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can get lost in the sauce. If you keep lookin' back, you gon' trip going forward. I remembered that as low as my lows had gotten, I always had faith in myself.


- Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis



💸 I sold my first company in 2022


Picture it: Summer 2021. My partner and I had the bright idea to start a luxury bounce house rental business. Unbeknownst to us, we exceeded our original financial goal with a solid 5-figure launch in January 2022 with bookings for the entire year! 8 months later, a larger party rental business was impressed with our success and made us an undeniable offer to buy our business. 

👩🏽‍💻 I freelance

From 2014-2022 I freelanced graphic design, website development, social media management, and creative consulting services to non-profits and small businesses around North Carolina in my own business, xBWStudio. I'm still open to side gigs and work; once a freelancer...always.

🤳🏽 I'm a food content creator

Born out of a creative rut, I found a new creative outlet by sharing my "culinary" skills as a learned home cook on TikTok - follow me! @hola.brittany. My latest video recently hit over 60K views!

🌱 I have a green thumb


Way before my passion for food, I was, and still am, a plant parent furthering my appreciation for nature and holistic nutrition. Cool Stat: I have over 20 plants in my home!



Creative Problem


It showcases my ability to collaborate, think creatively, and reverse engineer solutions. I activate successful strategies to overcome challenges and achieve positive results, particularly in launching brands and driving communications, while keeping the end-user in focus.

Social Strategy

and Programming

My expertise in strategic thinking, collaboration, project management, and execution through various experiences, such as programming marketing strategies for scaling, developing targeted communication plans to drive ROI, managing stakeholders with clear communication, and leading cross-functional project teams, is what fuels my superpower.



Any good social strategy has a component of community nurturing aimed at cultivating long-term loyalty and support. At my best, I anticipate audiences' needs to build connections and ultimately give the people what they want...within reason, of course.




✨ Letitia of Morrisville, North Carolina

Brittany! Abby and I can't thank you enough for helping to "beautify" our site to take us to the next level! You are incredible at what you do and you are such a valuable asset!

✨ Damon of Tempe, Arizona

Brittany's honesty and fearless authenticity shine through in every interaction that we have. Thank you for modeling that behavior for others so they feel safe in doing the same.

✨ Andrea of Raleigh, North Carolina

There are not enough letters allowed in this field for me to thank you for all of your significant contributions to our project!!! I am thankful for your attitude, your compassion, your attention to detail, and your collaborative spirit and for all of the laughs along the way. 

✨ Rachel of San Jose, California

I want to personally thank you for your collaboration, creativity, and wonderful contributions and insights put into our new site. The work that you delivered is very much appreciated, and I look forward to its launch!

✨ Alayna of Tempe, Arizona

In addition to her expertise in all things brand, content strategy, communication, and creative, Brittany also has an amazing attitude and is such a pleasure to work with. She is flexible while keeping us in line and always sets expectations for us on when/how things can be done. I know Brittany also works in many other capacities beyond her services for our team. Yet, her dedication and commitment to our success never waivers.

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